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Market Bottom?

We will need to see, what happens in the next couple of days, but the market went a little sideways today.

2 side by side, dojis. A sign of indecision. Does not mean it is over, but a good start. Need to watch for the next few days. See if there is a pattern (i.e. flag, cup, island, double pipe bottom.

Will be looking at asia and europe in the morning Friday. Just for a hint of USA action. But some times USA leads the way.

Now a moment of caution, anyone that knows “flags, wedges, pennants” Also, know often the market flags, then continues in the direction it was going.

Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic. Think about those stocks, that will do well in this virus environment. For example: walmart, walgreens, labcorp, fed ex, ups, zoom. Also, thinking about bigger names, like amazon, delta, marriott, and casinos, which can rebound quickly.

Just a few thoughts rolling around in my head.

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