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Keys to a Good Ad

It does not matter if you are writing: a classified ad, newspaper ad, sales page, landing page, direct mail piece, webinar, or flyer, there are certain keys that are common and make a successful AD. A key to success is often:

  1. Grab Attention. This is often done with a Grabber Headline. Something that is curious, dynamic, results driven, or a HOOK. A reason to read more. I have hundred of grabber headlines. Most I did not create I borrowed. Once that grabbed my attention, So, i can use them on some future ad. A few years ago, I found a COOL web site. One that generates 700 grabbers by topic. Check it out. at
  2. Features. These are bells and whistles of your product and service. The value for the investment. The more value you can create the better.
  3. Benefits. This where it gets interesting. You must turn you “bullets” your features, into emotional benefits for the client. Emotion Sells. Plus you have to really understand the emotional needs of the 4 types of people in the world. What they want at a core level. Some will want success. some being right, others a relationship and some just plain old fun.
  4. Closing. A plan to get the sale. An order form. A button to click. A shopping cart to buy the product. A telephone number to call.
  5. Offers. There are dozens of offers out in the market place. But basic 9 that work on a regular bases. They are:
    • Cash Back. Coupons. Rebate. Membership Rewards.
    • FREE Trial. Give them a taste of the product.
    • Discount Price. A reduction for a specific period of time.
    • 2 for 1. Get a second one for FREE.
    • A penny more. Get a second one for extra FEE.
    • Unrelated Bonus. Something for nothing. Something you want. But not directly related to the product.
    • Related Bonus. Directly related to the product. Some extra you will want or need.
    • Perceived Value. A service, or item that does not cost much, but has incredible perceived value. Cost you very little.
    • Contests. Everyone likes to win.

Learning about how to be a GREAT copy writer. Using the power of words to compel people to buy is an outstanding skill. Only a few master the skill. If you have it great, if you don’t get a GREAT market to write your ads, pages and letter.


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