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Stock Market Seasonal Patterns

Jim Francis learn to trade

There are several seasonal patterns in the stock market that can help you make money, or save money. Here are a few of them:

  1. Best 6 months to invest. From Nov 1 to Apr 30 the stock market goes up, on average 7.4 percent. From May 1 to Oct 31 the stock market is generally flat with a .4 increase. In addition generally, most of that increase happens Nov, Dec and Jan. Feb-Apr the market is choppy going up and down. Therefore the best times to see gains in an up market are Nov-Jan. In fact there is an old say in the stock market in May, go away.
  2. Worst Month? For over 50 years, the worst month on average in the stock market is Sept. Now what does that mean to us. Well. Sept maybe a good month to buy stocks. Before the Nov-Jan up trend. It is also, means do not expect uptrends or profit from up trends generally in Sept.
  3. Side ways Action. Usually May 1 through Oct 31. Did you know there are certain options strategies that thrive in sideways markets. Covered Calls, and Credit Spread being only 2 of them. There are many. Learn to TRADE.
  4. Christmas Pattern. Dec 1 to jan 15 from 1950 the dow has gone up during this time period on average 9 percent. THAT lead to my Christmas trade. Pay for all the christmas gifts, with one trade. Once a year. That trade on average has won 8 out of 10. And has earned 30 to 100 percent each year. Don’t bet the farm. But it can be a nice annual trade. To learn more check out
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