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11 Wealth Strategies

Recently my friend Bill Bronchic (real estate expert) and I, (financial), did a 1 day ZOOM training. Highlighting issues and opportunities right NOW May 9th 2020. As part of that I went through about 26 strategies (and more).

Here are few you might want to borrow:

  1. Specialized Knowledge. Napolean Hill had it right. You need knowledge about real estate, stocks, options, and financial choices, before you build a plan. You must have the big picture in mind, before you get into the little details. Strategies.
  2. Wealth Wheel. There are 6 basic areas you need to folks. Knowledge in fact I suggest the quickest way to success in a mentor. I have had 50 plus.
  3. Focus On Multiple sources of Income. Not just the job. Just over broke. Get real estate, stock, biz or intellectual property working for you.
  4. Once you learn, earn. It is not enough to learn something. You must take action. You must apply that knowledge.
  5. Get a Wealth Mentor. Or a dozen. Treasure maps and guides are the best investment you can make. A game plan and coach go hand in hand. They compress time and minimize mistakes.
  6. Stop Trust Commission Paid Experts. Get some that you is a trusted expert, but has your best interest at heart. Often that means a FLAT fee for education and strategies or support.
  7. Use ROI to Maximize Compounding. Of the two elements the best one is ROI. Never invest unless you get 15 % a year ROI or greater. If you don’t know how to do that, learn.
  8. Leverage. Stock, Real Estate or Business use leverage to make more money. Let me show you how to leverage the stock market and make monthly cash flow.
  9. Growth Stocks. Use Fundamentals, Technical, Insider Knowledge and Valuation to pick stocks.
  10. Trade don’t Invest. Buying and selling, trends, patterns and positions will make more money than buy and hold. Learn to TRADE
  11. Protect your Assets. A protective put in the stock market. A living trust. Biz structures. Land trust are all tools you should learn about.
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