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Dare to be GREAT!

One of my mentors, Charles J Givens (best-selling financial author), often talked about his relationship and friendship with Glenn Turner. Glenn was an outstanding leader and marketer in the 1970’s. Glenn’s motivational and inspirational message changed the lives of thousands of individuals. I had a chance to meet Glenn on a couple of occasions, even having dinner with him. His message in the 1970’s was just valuable now as then. In life you have to Dare to be Great!

Be greater than the obstacles in your life. Be the victor not the victim. Challenge yourself to be more than you ever thought possible. To dream, and take action to live your dreams. An inspiring message. If you get the chance you should listen to Turner’s audios, or read his materials. The message can make a huge difference in your life.

Dare to be Great is wonderful message. Inspiring and motivational. If fact, I believe to be GREAT you have to follow the D5 strategies:

Dream. In these economic times, you should dream more not less. Whether it is your business or personal life, we all need some inspiration. Dreams motivate us to take actions. Dreams inspire us to action. Dreams can keep you going, when times are turbulent and life gets you down. Dreams should not be put on the shelf, but live with us each and every day.

In many cases, I have physical or visual representations of my dreams and goals in life. Whether it is lifestyle, finances, status, family or just fun, you can find all kinds of representations around my office. It might be a picture on the wall like “maximum horse power” to remind be to work harder than anyone else. I might be a small toy typewriter on my desk (to remind me about author status). Or any of these icons: dice, a castle, match box red Porsche, a million dollar bill, brass horse, or picture of family at the Atlantis hotel. They all keep my dreams and goals in focus and remind me daily.

Decide. Many folks dream and even day dream, but never actually decide to make them a reality. In my travels I talked to thousands of folks that want to make a fortune, start a business, or improve their lives. I often ask this question, “What are doing today to get to that goal”. Many times, I hear “I don’t know what to do, or I am waiting for….” Man. Start. Decide and begin. Does not matter where, just begin. You will learn along the path.

Decide you are sick and tire of being sick and tired. Decide you want to make the next 10 years, better than the last 10 years. Decide to quit, drinking, smoking, drugs, over eating or whatever is holding you back. Your life can change in a moment. The moment you decide to take a new action or direction. A better path. Decisions are glorious.

Dare. You have to dare a little. Dare a little capital. Risk some time, and energy. Risk looking foolish or making mistakes. Dare to make your life a masterpiece, not an unfinished painting. Dare to be Great!

Do. Nothing happens unless you take action. Many folks make wonderful plans, and never take a step. I know really smart people that know what to do, but never make the phone call. Never read the book. Never get a mentor, or take a course. They know what to do, but simply let fear hold them back. I have a very simple belief system when it comes to fear, take a step. Move forward, a key to success.

Drive. Your drive, or determination will keep you going when obstacles get in the way. And they will. What is your drive? Is it giving more to your family? The need for personal achievement? Fear of failure, or embarrassment? Giving more than you receiving? Faith? A higher-power driving your behavior? Whatever the reason, keep the drive alive. Keep it passionate. Keep it in mind. What is the burning reason for you to take action and live your dreams?

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