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Christmas Trade

Jim Francis learn to trade

OK. This pattern has been around for 70 plus years.

From Dec 1 to Jan 15th, the DOW JONES tends to go up on average 9 Percent. Since this is a historic pattern. We can profit from it.

In Fact, I just read an article by Larry Williams, from that went into more detail about the month of Dec, and addition patterns, some, winning 90 percentage of the time.

But the basic pattern, can be played for success. Here is the way to play it:

  • We are going to play an option. Options have hirer leverage, therefore we can make more money.
  • A single CALL Option. At least 90 days or more. Therefore, a March Call
  • It should be one strike price in the money.
  • Therefore, we are going to BUY, a 300 DIA, Call option for March 2021.
  • We buy now. And hold till jan 15th and then sell it.

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