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How do you Spend or Invest time?

I know. sounds kind of weird, but I have noticed, about myself and others, they either look at time a Cost, or a Benefit. They spend time or invest time. They either waste, or make time productive.

A waste of time might be considered:

  • Watching TV. Just cause you are bored.
  • Cleaning the house.
  • Doing laundry.
  • Lawn care.
  • Waiting some place (room, line, car).
  • Lying on the couch.

Now, I am not saying leave your house in shambles. Never clean or repair thing. But I am saying, be selective about your time. Your personal time is worth $ 500-1000 an hour. Why would you do 2 hours of gardening, when you can pay someone 10 bucks an hour? You are wasting time. Unless you get some sick pleasure out of getting your hands in the dirt. Ya. I know, a few of you are saying but I like doing that. Seriously? You are CHEAP, and your life as a result is not Rich.

Look at each hour as revenue. Look at each hour as productivity, rather than just filling the hours. How are you going to spend the next hour? Schedule your success.

I once asked Charles Givens, how he found the time to write 4 best selling books. He said. “I schedule it. between 7am and 10 am each morning, I write. Some times a lot, sometimes a little, but I have focused time each day.”

Look I am not saying, you don’t deserve to lay down on the couch. I do every day. but I have a computer stand by the couch. And actually, as my body is resting right now, on the couch, I am writing and typing this article. If I am gong to watch TV, or lay on the couch. I am going to do something productive.

Think about how many times you have been caught in a line, or waiting room. Most folks spend the 15 minutes or hour, just sitting there or worst reading, the magazines provided from 1980. BRING a book wherever you go. I read all the time. Cause as my fiend Brian Tracy says. Readers are Leaders. You will be surprised at how many books you read in year. And you might even learn something! Rather than look at the other people, and thinking “I wonder why they are here”?

My mentor Givens, said to me one day, Jim do cut your grass? I said every Sat. His next comment had me perplexed, that is the reason, you are not Rich. Literally that day, I stopped cutting my grass. Now my grass is not 10 feet tall. I paid a service to do it. But immediately, took those 2-3 hours, and dedicated them to look at real estate every SAT. Eventually, and buying and selling dozens of properties. Which certainly, helped my wealth!

Prosperity, Wealth, and Productivity, are a matter choice. Invest your time.

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