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Renting out ASSETS!

Building Cash Flow

We work hard to buy assets. Things like houses, cars, and equipment. What a lot of folks do not know, is that you can often rent these physical asset out for money.

  1. Houses. You can rent them out completely or partly.
    • Certainly, you can buy houses and rent them out for cash flow. But there are other alternatives.
    • Rent out while you are gone. Air B and B.
    • Rent out the Garage to other folks for their storage goods. Like a Self Storage facility.
    • Rent out a Room occasionally.
    • Strangely enough you can actually get paid to HOUSE sit for others. All over the world.
  2. Cars
    • Rent out your non used cars, for daily, weekly or monthly payments.
    • Classic auto? try
    • Of course you can consider renting out the sides of your car as a bill board.
  3. Equipment. Craiglist and more.
    • Cameras.
    • Pressure washers.
    • Recreational equipment.
    • Look at RentNotBuy, Fatlama, or Loanables.

So if your “stuff” is sitting around, get it paying you some cash.

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