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Marketing thoughts with Jay Abraham

Spent an hour on the phone with my friend Jay Abraham talking some potential business together.

Reminded me of the GREAT stuff he teaches about Marketing and Growing a Business. Lessons Like his Keys to success in Your Marketing Genius:

-Forget Institutional marketing
-Sell, don’t just entertain. 
-Evaluate performance. 
-Offer more than competition. 
-Past direct mail, gives us a hint.
-Test headlines.
-People respond the same way for 100 years.
-Be specific no general.
-Tell a story.
-Make it irresistible. 
-Include back end selling.
-Use education to sell.
-Better marketing is great leverage.
-Craft a Marketing message like a sales call. 
-Tell them how great the product or service (post sale).
-Bonuses work. 
-Use risk reversal. guarantee. 

All great ideas for your marketing or reminders.

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