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Leverage the Key to Wealth

Leverage is an important element to wealth, and even success. Taking limited resources and using them to capacity. Whether in business, real estate, the stock market or life, this is a philosophy and strategy you should master.

Let me give you some real life examples, of how to apply this tool to various areas in building wealth.

Strategy: Stock Market Leverage

Options can be great leverage in the stock market. If you know, what you are doing. Otherwise they can just be a waste of money. Ensure you get a strong education on options, before investing.

If the price of XYZ stock is $ 50 a share, we might be able to buy the option for $ 5 a share. Options are usually sold a “contract” which represents 100 share of stock. We buy a 100 share at a time (1 contract). Obviously, I can buy a lot more for $ 5 bucks vs. $ 50 dollars per share. Therefore, return on investment is larger (leverage). Plus I can start with a small investment.

Now many new option investors will buy options that expire in less than 30 days. What they do not realize is the value of the option will decay fast. In fact the greatest decay (loss of value), is in the last 30 days. What that means, is if you are buying options they should be 60 to 90 days minimum. So, we see changes in value based on the market place, not the decay.

There are other examples of leverage in the stock market such as: credit spreads, naked position, and margin (loans).

Strategy: Real Estate Leverage
Five major leverage areas for real estate are creative financing, forced appreciation, negotiation, buying right, and loans.

Any time you borrow money to buy an asset, you can end up with great leverage, provided the asset appreciation is solid. Example: I buy a 100k house, put 10k down, and borrow 90k. It appreciated 5% per year (or 5k a year). Well, my growth is based on the 100k or 5% (5k). But I only invested 10k down. So my cash on cash return is 50%. Borrowing money (at a reasonable rate) with a solid return can be awesome leverage. Might be the reason more millionaires are made in real estate than any other vehicle.

Creative finance is another area in real estate to increase leverage. If you can use a strategy to buy a house with less than $ 1000, you have great leverage. Perhaps use: seller financing, lease with option to buy, or a contract for deed strategy. Each can have a low down payment or investment. 

There are other ways to increase real estate leverage like: negotiation of equity or price, balloon payments or deferral of payments, OPM (Other People’s Money) such as PPO (Private Placement Offer).

Strategy: Business Leverage

The quickest and cheapest form of business leverage now-a-days is the Internet. For a few hundred dollars, you can have a store front earning you thousands of dollars every year. The internet can often better than a franchise, or distributorship investment. In many cases, you do not need a product, as you can readily find them as an Amazon affiliate or one of a dozen other programs.

Other forms of business leverage can include:
• MLM. Building a down line of individuals, where you get a residual income can be considered leverage.
• Building a Business. A standalone business, which you build and don’t manage, is great leverage. Build it and walk away. 
• Going Public. I took a small company; reverse merged into a reporting shell, and then went public. The shares came out at $ 3.25 a share, and had over a million shares. Major leverage of time, and resources. 
• Perceived Value. Getting or creating value for limited cost. 
I sold a tax product for years (with my friend Shane). We gave a way “audit” protection, when we did taxes for folks. 
The perceived value was hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value, if you got audited. We also, knew that less than 1% of the population was audited. We received great perceived value, for a very low cost or liability. 
• Brand. The goodwill associated with a brand, can be millions. I recall having coffee with George Ross (Trumps right hand man at the time), and him saying if the trump name is attached the minimum value was 5 Million dollars in “brand value”.

Strategy: Intellectual Leverage

Intellectual leverage is one of my favorite types of leverage. Using “smarts” to make the most of a situation or opportunity and cashing in on the process. There are dozens of strategies, but number one on my list would be joint ventures.

Joint Venture. Find a database then find a product that the database needs, match up the two and take a percentage of the deal. Example: I found a group of ex-IRS agents that offered services and a product. I knew a financial group that had over 200k members. The end result, we sold over 14 million dollars of tax products to the financial database over 3 plus years. I had a 2.5% royalty on the deal. All parties were happy. I love Intellectual leverage!

Information Products. Decades ago, Ken Blanchard taught me a strategy: make money while you sleep. Write a book, record an audio, or video. And sell it on line or off line. I have sold over 30,000 self-study manuals. The sales were done through 3rd party individuals or companies. I received a small royalty on the sale of each product. Now I sell informational product on line. Great leverage.

Leverage is a key to success in life, business, and wealth building.

How can you use this in your business today? Well consider these ideas:

-Who could you get to do mundane, repetitive tasks, that eat up your time? Perhaps a Virtual Assistant?

-What time do you waste? do you spend time or invest time? I have not cut the grass, or watered the lawn, or picked up dry cleaning in years. Why waste that time? 
Investing time in making money or your business!

-Can you duplicate yourself, or duplicate a team or business? Gaining leverage in the market place.

-How do you use OPM, other peoples money to GROW? This question, led directly to taking my small company 900k to going public. 12 Million the next year.

-Do you really need to answer that call? How about scheduling calls for 1 hour each day? Block time the rest of the time.

-Schedule time to build your business, collect money, or make money. I call that MONEY Mondays. 2 hours each monday, looking for opportunities.

-Don’t write the book. Have the book written for you. Manage the task, do not do the task. Yes. I am guilty of this one too! I happen to like internet, so often play around with it, rather than just getting a pro to the work.

Enjoy and profit.

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