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Reminder From Jim Rohn

Re reading,5 major pieces of the life puzzle (jim john). Some notable concepts and ideas:

Personal Philosophy. Develop your own personal philosophy. I wonder if this is why I developed the 11 commandments of a Jedi. ๐Ÿ™‚ And now the Francis Foundational 17. 

Learn. Learn from your experiences. Coaches (out side voices). Other peoples success. Observe. Listen. Take notes. Books. Journal. 

Success. Simple disciplines practiced every day. 

Attitude is key. Attitude about past, present and future. Design a better future. Appreciate self worth. How we feel is a matte of choice. 

Associations. Who am i around. Do they motivate. What effect are they having on me. Limit poor associate. Maximize rich associations. 

Action. Don’t get stuck. Get from should do to must do. Use the vision of the future to motivate. Balance work and play. Change begins with choice. 

Results. Measure progress. Attract success do not pursue. Become a better person, to attract results. Get new skills. Do not get neglectful. Have confidence. Go for it. 

Lifestyle. Learn to be happy with what you have, while u strive for more. 

Sense of Urgency. Get out of comfort. Think of life as the 2 minute warning in the game. GET to it. Life is not a practice session. live it. 

So. Message? GET to it. Start that small business. Travel the world. Give back now, not later. Get TRADING. Go and spend time with GREAT minds. Buy Real estate. Work out. Make your life a masterpiece.

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