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Colors have Hidden Meanings

You can have a great idea or distinction but damage the company, by picking the wrong colors, fonts, or image for your business. Your image has to match your message. So letโ€™s look at colors and print considerations for specific messages. 

Color Meaning/Emotion 

Red Passion, excitement, rage, intensity and action 

Orange Warm, jovial and energetic 

Yellow Caution, cheerful, health, clean and inspiration 

Green Cool, natural, refreshing, and peaceful. 

Blue Cold, relaxing, and stable 

Purple Dignified, mystic and regal 

White Cool, pure, clean, youth, and bright 

Black Ominous, death, important and elegant 

Gold Rich, wealth, and importance 

Silver Strong, regal, smooth and flowing 

Letters and Shapes 

You have at your command a combination of a hundred different styles, typefaces, fonts, shapes and formats. Each kind can give a specific message to the reader. In considering your direct mail and image, you should consider the message. Find below the print characteristic and the subliminal message it may carry.

Characteristic Description of Stroke (Message) 

Thick Strong, solid, full 

Thin Elegant, fluid, light 

Combination Solid, movement 

Round Open, solid, strong, jovial, and happy 

Tall Elegant, flowing, moving, fluid 

Bold Solid, strong, forceful 

Bold Italic Combination Firm, classify, royal, rich 

Serif Fancy, royal, regal, and formal 

Sans Serif Plain, regular, text, relaxed 

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