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Hidden Language

When I was in my 20’s, working in Brampton, Ontario, for Rogers Cable TV. I went to a hypnosis show. And because of my Superior Mind, decide I was going to get “hypnotized”. Actually, I was going up on stage, to prove to myself, I could not be influenced that way.

Well. When I found myself, stripping on stage, and throwing my shirt into the audience. But for some reason, could not get the zipper of my pants down. No matter what I tried. Only to realize later, that was a hypnotic command.

Suddenly, I realized, I could (and likely all people), can be influenced, by words. At a subconscious level. Therefore, when anyone talked about hypnosis, and influence I was ALL EARS! Cause I know it works.

Simple things can influence. For example. If I say, the word BUY, a dozen times, you will think about buying. Now here is the real trick. To say it with directly talking about the objective.

I learned this from Milton Erickson. He would talk about how a “Tomato plant can feel good” Well a plant cant feel good. Some folks will argue, plants have “feelings”, but generally they do not FEEL. Therefore, a persons mind will think (must be me). You hear the words, and try to make sense of them. A search for meaning.

You can, if you choose too now, use words that help you communicate at subconscious level. Even something simple like BUY.

I can say things, not related to the sale of my product and services, like:

  • By the way. BUY the way.
  • By NOW.
  • By the end of my talk.
  • Drop bUY the back table.

Check out the embed command cheat card (flash cards), about using language.

Good luck.

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