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The Magic of Language

My NLP and Sales journey, had me looking at how language can be a great advantage. Some language patterns, are very useful. In particular hypnotic language. Language that often gets use to agree, or acknowledge agreement, without us even being aware we doing so.

There are some great patterns out there, but let me give you a couple as an example.

Pattern: You probably already know…… You probably already know the power of a strong language patterns. On a DEEP level, you already know, how to use indirect communication to make the changes your desire.

Pattern: I wonder if you CAN, …. I wonder if you can stand up. I wonder if you can consider a 12 week program. I wonder if you can use this pattern regularly in your life. The answer is always, yes.

Patten: One can, (name), ….. One can, Jim, feel good around the christmas time and beyond. One can, Fred, close your eyes and relax deeply. One can, Sally, enjoy deep trance, and know how deeply you can go for relaxation.

Pattern: You can, X, because of Y. You can just use this pattern, because it works. The word Because has a magical effect. You can use this for anything, because people love a reason. You can give it try, because it is easy to use.

There are dozens more. If fact, I took some playing cards, and wrote them out. Plus a look at the 4 Social Styles. You can find them at

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