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Just a few Money ideas for YOU!

If you have been tooling around the internet for a few hours, likely you came across an ad for making money on the internet or online. There are dozens of folks ready to give you a few ideas for a few dollars or a few hundred. 

I have been having fun and profiting from internet activities since 1994. You can make a few hundred or even thousands on line each and ever month. 

Enjoy these ideas. They are profitable and or save you money online.

70 plus Ways to make $$$………here is a list for you to consider:

  1.    Rebates on line. There are web sites that give you cash rebates for buying from them.  One or two percent back is not huge, but a cash or a check back is always nice. 
  •    Buy discounts. You may have heard their ads. A simple prefix your web browser, and you can get discounts, and rebates for purchases you are going to make. It will even find you a lower cost for the same item. 
  •     Research on Line. Lots of folks value your opinion. There are a variety of websites that will pay your for your opinion.
  •    You Tube Videos. Build videos. They may be fun. Entertaining or educational. Sell ads on the videos. Man. If you can get a viral video on line, add Google’s AdSense and get paid.
  •    Vendor Affiliate Programs. There are 1000’s of Internet marketers out there. Many looking for products. All you have to do is provide the product.  Example. Click Bank will allow you to sell your products and services on other web sites. You build the web site, selling page, and product delivery. Click takes the money. And one of their affiliates actually sells it on their site. Usually, the seller gets half, the provider gets half. You can adjust the split. In addition you can sell your digital product, physical, or even a membership site. Buy the way, click is not the only site that does this kind of deal. 
  •    Product Affiliate Programs. Certainly, you can sell your products, but what if you do not have any? There are lost of providers out there, of product that pays you commissions on sale. They merchant account, they often have the sales page, and inventory. Examples, like Amazon, Click bank, Target, Wal-Mart, and Link Share all give you commissions for selling their products online.
  •   Build Facebook Fan Pages. Pick a company. Build a Fan Page. The approach them with your unique page. Email or call them. Sell the site to them. 100-300 per fan page is not unreasonable. 
  •   Ads on you web sites. You can sell space or promote products and services. Ok. This is interesting. Lets say you have a blog. People come to you for advice or articles. You can put an ad on the page for someone else. There are a variety of “click” services. CPC. Cost per Click. is big one, but lots of others out there, that specializes in products and services. You might check out a web site that has affiliate by topic. 
  •    Article Writing. If you are a fair writer, you can do content writing for other. Sell your services at or  or $ 5 to 100 per article is reasonable, depending on length. 
  1.    Earn Points and prizes when searchingHttp:// I mentioned before, they will give you cash, put also, prizes and points for searches.  Do a search on line and earn points.
  1. Get paid to try offers. offers money for surveys, shopping and referrals. 
  1. FREELANCE. Build web sties, logs, banners, become a virtual assistant. Lots of spots out there for you to provide services to others. and others. 
  1. Arbitrage Free Lance Work. Ok. I just mentioned you could freelance for others. Lets say, I want to freelance logo building, but I don’t know how to build a logo, if my life depended on it. I could put my services up and available on Freelance or Up Work. Lets say, I will give you 5 logos for 99 bucks. 3 day return. As soon as I get the order and paid. I go to and get some there to do 5 logs, at 5 bucks each. $25 cost. 99 incomes. Means I just made $74 profit. And I did no work, except know where to get it cheap, and selling for a higher price. Now some of are just really, cheap, did you know there are actually web sites out there that will make you a FREE logo. or any of the other dozen free services. 
  1. Sell an E-book. Most people have an expertise. Management. Real Estate. Stock trading. Management. Web Design. Build a knowledge or strategy book and sell on line. Now if you are not a good writer or do not have the time, go to and have someone else write it for you. I did. My first stock book (and my second), where written by someone else. I paid them so it is my original work. 70-page book, I paid $161. By the way, I sold the eBook at Click Bank for year for $ 27. And brought in (check for click bank) $ 100-400 per month. Remember the marketing guys, gets half, so I was selling 8 to 32 units per month. Actually, I did not sell a thing; some other guy(s) were selling it for me.  Now that is GREAT leverage.  
  1. Sell STUFF on eBay. Sell your old clothes, equipment, luggage, books, electronics, or garage sale stuff. Ask my daughter Megan. She did this all through college, and now does it and makes $600 t0 1200 per month (part time). Buy it cheap; sell it for full value or even a discount on EBay.  She will go to garage sales, ever weekend and find gems. Your junk is a treasure to someone else. All kinds of advanced stuff you can do here as well.
  1. Arbitrage on eBay. Ok. Basically Meg (daughter), is find garage sale stuff, pricing it (she has a few apps that tell her value), and the selling it on eBay. But check this out. You can develop, direct sources of products. For example, you might find some products on (china products), that you can buy in build for $ 2-5 and sell for $ 10-20 per item. Therefore, you have a regular supply. I just bought, business credit card holders, for $1.91 per unit, and they sell for $10 bucks all day long.   The key is to find a bestseller, and or product in major demand. 
  1. Write and Sell a BOOK. If you have valuable knowledge share with others. Self publish or publishing services. This kind of is different than an E-book. I am talking about writing a real, book. (Whether you write or ghost write). Then self publish. You might consider or others. 
  1. More Surveys on line. Lots. Opinion Post. or
  1. Teach a Lesson. Do you have a skill? Teach others. Or teach on line. You can also find in any major city open university. You might even give away some free education to get a lead that eventually will turn into a sale.  or
  • Write Reviews. On web sites, products, or products. Then recommend some choices. Just so happens, that you are a Wal-Mart or target affiliate, and you have link on your blog or social media site to that specific product. 
  • Participate in Groups. There are lots of social media groups out there. For example, on LinkedIn lots of business groups. I belonged to one on investing. A very specific investment strategy called CANSLIM. A good investment strategy in and up trending market. No so good in a downtrend. So. I participate in discussions, mention I trade options, and talk about high leverage, better ROI, and monthly cash flow. I might even write an article. I guarantee, some will ask, where do I find out more. And I always have a link to my product (but It could be someone else’s product with an affiliate). 
  • Become an Expert. Blog, and book. Time for you to start coaching or training. If you know a topic well, become the expert. Sell your consulting to others. You can even write articles, and post them, and get traffic. Write articles for e-zines. Electronic magazines. Get Publishes. Other will use your articles, but give you a link. Think I have 40 plus articles at this site. 
  • Start an Amazon Store. You don’t need products. Sell amazon product and or provide your own. Now there is a difference between, being an affiliate for amazon, and having an amazon store. An affiliate sell existing inventory on amazon. You have a link to a product. In an amazon store you are the person providing the product for sale. Good if you an inventory of items or source of product. 
  • Arbitrage on Amazon. Now it is interesting. I can go to Wal-Mart, and buy a bike for $110 bucks, and then sell it on Amazon for $150, plus shipping. What if I did the reverse? What if I sold the bike for $150? Cause I know it is a best seller on Amazon, and then bought it a Wal-Mart for $110 (which included shipping and handling). Man that is cool. I have no inventory, and make money for posting at a higher price site and buying from a lower price site. Now what is exciting about this, is there is software out there, will find the differences. It will scan Amazon, find a best seller, and also, find where you can buy it cheaper, and do the math for you. To let you know what products to offer. And I am talking about 1000’s of products. But you can start with just something local. 
  • Start an EBay Store. Sell various products on EBay. If folks get to know you for one type of sale. Let us say providing Flash Cards for Stock Trading Patterns. You sell a few dozen a month for 30 bucks each (that cost 7 bucks to make). That is a database. If they want more, you should provide more. You might get an affiliate deal for stock and option education and sell in your eBay store. Or you might have a father that a product to put in your store. 
  • Start a Blog. Build a blog of followers the world can be yours. :). Sell product and services. Do ads. Promote workshops. Sell your book. And more. Become the EXPERT.  Folks love to work with the expert. 
  • Start a Podcast. Grab a mic, and start talking. Podcasts are getting popular and PAID. You can develop a monthly subscription service on podcast too. 
  • YouTube Channel. Get videos working for you? Teach on You tube. I did a video 10 plus years ago, on Speaking. It has had over 5000 views. Folks go to my web site and buy stuff. Or if I wanted to, I could add to the video, and make money from ads being viewed in the first few seconds, before my video starts. 
  • Import from overseas. Selling on amazon, eBay and other sites. Ali is a good place to start. But there are other providers around the world. Find unique jewelry, luggage, pens, usb’s or anything. Find a source. Mexico, China, or Bahamas. Hmmmmn. I wonder if a trip to Mexico or the Bahamas, would be tax deductible, because I looking for products to import. I imagine so.  Of course you should check with your tax professional. 
  • Create an APP or game. Know a little about coding, Internet and mobile apps. Build an app. Or get it done offshore through and then offer it. A game would be great for Facebook. See how many are there already. 
  • Sell with Classified Ads. FREE or Paid. I would start with free ads, to test, and sell your eBook, product or service. You will be surprised there are a number of free classified ads.  For example: eBay, craigslist, letgo (olx), gumtree, classified ads, oodle, or adpost.
  • Peer to peer lending. Use the money you borrow from them, to make money, and pay them back. If you have reasonable good credit 650 plus, a job, you can borrow money. There are several companies that will give you loans., or
  • Play Poker. If you are good, you can make money. Ask me about paying the mortgage a few times with Horse Racing winnings.  You are not really looking for a big win playing poker. It is kind of like a second job. If you are consistent about winning. You will over time, get a per hour, profit number. 20 bucks an hour for example. YOU have to be a good player to make money on the poker circuit. 
  • Get sponsored. Have access to thousands of people? Get sponsored to promote products and services. In a race? Get a logo put on your shirt. I am writing a book about options trading, I am approaching on line brokers, to put an ad in the book, and I will use their web site and software, in the book to demonstrate trading positions and charts.  A friend of mine has 20,000 followers on instagram. They promote products (music, bars, and clothing), make fees each and every week. 
  • Buy and Sell Domain names. Good at find a domain name? Good at target a group that does not understand how they work. Buy a domain name, add revenue or traffic and sell it on for cash. Or just a cool name. I bought for a few dollars, and sold it for several thousand. Your can actually target business, with domain names, and sells them to the business. .
  • Tinder. Lots of folks, sell pictures, and market instagram, links to subscriptions. That leads to sales. I even know one real estate investor, that would have dinner, then, pass long an investment idea. Of course you want to make sure you are follow web site rules. 
  • JV a Deal. Learned from Jay Abraham. There are great products out there, and great databases. Find them. Match them up and make money. My friend Shane and I found a great tax product, matched with a financial guru and made 10 of the gross sales for years.  I have done several Webinars, to “other” peoples list. Splitting the sales 50/50. 
  • Gift cards. Get them? Never use them? Just want the cash? You can sell them for cash, to online.
  • Get rid of your stuff. Old Cd’s, tapes, and games. Got to and see what they will pay you for all those extra items.
  • Google Ads. Put ads on your web site and make money. Join find ads your clients, friends, and associates would like, and put them on your web site. 
  • Lose Weight and Make money. Healthy Wage allows you to gamble on your weight loss. Check it out.
  • Cut expenses with coupons. I am not a cheap guy. But cutting 10-20 on life expenses puts more money in your pocket. In my business I print products, flyers, order forms, and handouts. The print job for a weekend can be 1000-2000 dollars. I often use FedEx (kinkos). A friend suggested I look for FedEx print coupons. I did. Now I often save 25-30 percent on the cost. That is saving 250 to 600 on each other. 
  • Collecting Leads. Good at capturing interest? Providing leads to others. Consider collection of lead on line and selling to others. 
  • Webinars. Ok. I love this idea. Have a product or service? Know your Pitch. Build a 55 minutes pitch and go to others databases. A weekly webinar can be very profitable. I did this one Christmas with a friend, and we both took home 20k each. He provided the database; I provided the pitch and the products. 
  • Sell your system. If you have a winning anything, you can develop into a product. And sell on line. An EBook. Video. Audio. Download. I know how to trade. Therefore a product. 
  • Flip web sties or Domain names. Great idea. Buy a domain or web site add traffic, revenue, and flip on Business gets bought and sold based on revenue and traffic. So, if you add revenue and traffic to web site it can be sold to someone else for more money. How do you add revenue? Click bank products or AdSense come to mind. Simple and easy. Add a Facebook or Google ad that leads to a free download of an EBook? And you have traffic. Even leads (email captures). You have increase the value of the website and business. 
  • Build a Database. Sell or rent it out. List broker pay money for databases. Emails are worth money. Customer lists are worth money. Buyers are worth money.
  • CreativeSlogan Slinger. Slogan slingers. Get a slogan. Give it your best creative. You could score big time.
  • Make T Shirts.  Are you a little creative? Go to design a cool T-shirt and sell to friends, family, at event or on line.
  • Translator. Translate products, services, print, and video in to other languages.
  • Sell Your Crafts. In to arts and crafts. Sell them at
  • Transcribe. Good at typing. Transcribe audio to the written page. Services on line.
  • Drop Shipping. A cool business, if you know what you are doing. The key is to know where to find product and where to sell product. offers some free workshop. You might want to learn more
  • Big Fish Little Pond. This one takes a little longer. But join Amazon affiliate (or any other). Find a best selling product. Find a domain name that includes the product name. Buy it. Build a little web site. It should show up on Google first page for that search. You will get regular traffic. Sell the product and do Google ad words/AdSense.
  • Arbitrage (Thrift shop). Find goods and services that sell well, but buy for pennies on the dollar.  Sell at flea markets, eBay, and other web sites. 
  • Instagram Following. Get a following. Either cause of what you do, who you are, what you look like, what you provide in terms of education or entertainment. Then get sponsors that sell products and services to your database. Example. You travel the world, and have 40,000 followers; a lifestyle company (travel, entertainment, or booze) might want to put ads to your database. 
  • Fix Google or Others. Search engines, need to be fixed. They are not 100 percent automatic. They need a human touch. You can earn about 10-12 an hour, by fixing search engine mistakes.  Check out. or
  • Professional Answer. Ok. Do you have a professional skill set, or high-level skill? Websites like will pay you for the answer to difficult questions. 
  • Build a Sales Funnel. Click funnels one of the leading providers, of a system to sell products or education on line, works. You can build a sales funnel in a few hours or days. I use it. 
  • Produce an Audiobook. Try to build an audio program for Audible or ITunes. Use a platform, like ACX to create and sell. 
  • Write Articles. There are lots of folks dying for content and articles. You can start with some free articles, to get your name out there, like www.ezinearticles.comthen move to as you get really good, do premium articles like
  • Inbound Sales. Offer to sell products and service inbound. Companies are looking for good sales people. Or even visit they have a few options. 
  • Lost Money. Lots of folks, have put money away some place, or a bank account, and have lost track of it. You can check if you are owed money, at www.missingmoney.comor
  • Sell your Bag. Ok. Maybe you’re desperate, or found a great deal on a bag. See how much that bag is worth at
  • Gigs. People need things done, and you are available. Check out And see what out there. 
  • Check it out. There are folks that need things physical checked out. Maybe it is a car, or rental property, and they are out of town. solves the problem. You become their eyes. 

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