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Day 44 Aug expiration

Well the market is kind of on tilt. But trading anyway. looks like a down day. Here are some notes and trades:

  • 200/50 Day moving average is down.
  • 20/5 moving average down too.
  • Kind of mini flagging. little downtrend and sideways action. Maybe a double bottom forming?
  • candles. going sideways, but upward pressure (tails).
  • Overnights were mixed in Asia, down in uk. likely opening down today.

Update 11:34 am. Tested and got. Vput at 1290/1280 (took a while) for 30 cents. And Vcall at 1990/2000 for 30 cents.

PS: 2 weeks left on july trade. usually the summer, may 1 to oct 31 is choppy and sideways. Keep in mind we dropped below 1700, and if it gets to 1650 might need to address my VPut 1500/1450 position. keep an eye on it. market could drop quickly. And yes. I have a Single PUT position on too. just in case.

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