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Is it Fate or do you Create your future?

I kind of think it is both. Many folks have a talent and are destined for a great future, no matter what. Others take what talent or skill they have and make it happen for themselves. Lucky?

I believe the definition of LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity. That means you have been expecting it, you have been planning for it, and you will do anything to achieve it too. But the real KEY is Action.

I have manifested incredible things in my life. But it was not all just positive thoughts. it was disciplined action. I have faith, that things will happen for me. But faith without action is dead.

I met a guy that does mediation for over an hour each day. “Manifesting” his future. That is great. But I asked, what are you physically doing each day to achieve those goals, dreams, and toys. He said, “I am attracting them.” Ok, great, you have a vision, a plan but what actions? “the universe will grant my wishes” Crap. Thats like hoping you find a gene in the lamp. Thoughts are things only when you take action.

So. A friend of mine, Bill Bartmann (billion dollar man and coach), gave me this great idea, called the pocket promise. You put your top 3-7 goals on a pocket size business card and carry it with you. Great way to remind yourself, of your goals, thinking about them daily. I took is step further. On the back side, of the card, i write, what action steps i need to take. Or you can just write the question. What one thing, can I do today, to bring me closer to those goals. Then do it. And since you are looking at those goals each day, you will move closer…… If you take action.

Faith without works is DEAD! Take action today.

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