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Day 45: SEPT Expiration

Good Morning. Well day 45, and ready to trade the Sept Vertical Options. Here are some notes, and trades:

  • 200/50-day moving averages is showing a major downtrend, even though some reason up trending.
  • Told someone on Sat, that the Rut would like “hang” at 1880. Which appears to be doing today.
  • 30/10 day average is uptrending.
  • Candlesticks? Not sure, it kind of looks like a Tri Star, but the candles are not dojis. Or 2 hanging men.
  • Resistance at 1880 and like 1900 too.
  • Support at 1800, 1750 and 1700.
  • Asia up. Europe mixed. Usa likely up today, but choppy.

Positions. Testing 2160/21500 at 30 cents, and VPUT 1490/1480 at 30 cents.

Update 10:27am Filled VCALL 2150/2160 at 30 cents, and 1490/1480 at 30 cents.

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