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Day 44 Feb expiration

Jim Francis learn to trade

Well. the market was closed on Monday. So, getting a slow start to the year of trading. But testing.

Testing: Vcal 2030/2040 and VPut 1500/1450 (only 50-dollar spreads available).

Some notes about the market:

  • Asia and Europe are slightly up. Could it be choppy with a slight up bias?
  • Chart. Sideways action. Doji and hammers.
  • Support 1722, Resistance 1776.
  • Choppy but looks like a downward flag.

FILLED Vcall at 2030/2040 at 30 cents. Vput 1450/1500 at $2.00.

Remember the Gross numbers need to balance 5 Vcall contracts (10 dollar spread), and 1 Vput contract (50 dollar spread).

PS: Watch for the Jan barometer (first 5 days).

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