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Day 45 March Expirations

Hey folks. Sorry for the delay in posting today. Traded this morning but been busy with some projects and meetings. Here you go. Notes:

  • 200/50 Day Moving Average. is crossing to the upside. HOLLY Cross. Now don’t get too excited. This happens, and then it can go down. But it could continue to increase, and we would see a rally.
  • 20/5 is up-trending.
  • Charting? Either longer term stair step up. or perhaps, a head and shoulders.
  • Candlesticks. Two FAT dojis, Downtrend today.
  • Asia is down, and Europe is down. Like a downtrend today.

10:30am Took positions a Vcall 2130/2140 for 32 cents. Vput at 1600/1610 for 30 cents.

PS: A couple notes. Looks like the January barometer is up for the month. Still a few days left. But SPX opened at 3853 and today closed at 4017. Assuming stays up. 91 percent correlation (from the past), of an up year. Even though most of the projections are recession (interesting). Who do u believe? I don’t believe anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting for confirmation of direction, in the next few weeks. PS2: end of the day, a fat midnight star. Suggests a downtrend tomorrow.

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