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17 Foundational Principles

Every generation should be better than the previous; passing on tips, tools, strategies and philosophy. My grandfather was a dock worker, my dad a professor, my mum an accounts payable supervisor, and I am an entrepreneur. Here are some for consideration for Success:

  1. Enjoy the ride it is over before you know. Make time for: health, family, self, bucket list activities as well as success.
  2. Faith leads the way. Faith in god. Faith in self. Faith tomorrow is a brighter day.
  3. Dreaming belongs to everyone. Not just the young. In fact it keeps you young.
  4. Success requires a time commitment. Commit 2 hours a week.
  5. Break the work bondage cycle. Make your money make money.
  6. Mentors are worth their weight in Gold. Buy them. Work for them. Surround yourself with them. Be the dumbest person in the groupโ€ฆ.. But not for long.
  7. When you learn you earn. Earning does not happen without the โ€œLโ€.
  8. Put only good gas in the engine. A positive attitude keeps the engine strong.
  9. Anger is your worst enemy. It steals your energy and ruins the engine.
  10. Desire, determination, and persistence are more important than talent.
  11. Let the little things slide. Who cares if they leave the socks on the floor, or drive a different route than you would have taken?
  12. Relationships require interest, time, respect, and forgiveness. Invest in the people you care about, even if they do not reciprocate.
  13. Winning is important. Yes, congratulate the losers. But life is not about being even.
  14. Take responsibility for your life. You are the creator. Success and failures.
  15. Have a grateful and generous heart. Every day, every event, and every person is a blessing. Even if you cannot see it yet.
  16. Use the 10 percent solution. 10% (or more) of every dollar needs to go to your future (self, or investment).
  17. Take a step forward even if you are afraid. Courage makes champions.

Luck happens with preparation meets opportunity!

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