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Day 45: june expiration


  • So looking at around 1500 or less for 30 cents. And 1950 or above.
  • 200/50 is crossing back and forth. was un uptrend, and now a downtrend.
  • 20/5 day moving average is positive.
  • 3 white soldiers (candle sticks). Look for what happens on day 4 (if u don’t know what that means, get some stock education).
  • Charting. a bit of mess. triple bottom? W pattern. Flagging longer term? So that would indicate a future downtrend (62-68 percent of the time).
  • Paper traded, filled at 1950/1960 for 35 and 1500/1490 for 30 cents.
  • Overnight markets were choppy. But slightly up. so will be a choppy day. up and down, but maybe a slight up-bias.
  • 10:50pm update. Vput at 1500/1490 for 30 cents. Vcall 1950/1960 for 35 cents.

PS: Remember seasonal patterns. May-Oct choppy. Usually downtrend in May or june.

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