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The Power of Faith

No I am not going down the God route, although that can be a GREAT one. 🙂 I am taking about Faith in your Dreams. Faith in yourself. Faith the universe is set up for you to WIN. That your conscious and subconscious FAITH (belief), will help you get to your destiny. Now some folks believe in Destiny, and others we can make our destiny. I kind of think it is a combination of both, we “influence” our destiny. A few decisions one way or the other, and we live our dreams or our nightmares. There is a great statement in the bible, [Read More Now...]

Day 45 Sept Expirations

This for my Credit Spread students. Notes: 200/50 Day moving average is still up trending although starting to curve. 10/30 is up trending. Long candle stick up and dojo forming at the upper one third, could be profit taking. may continue. up. Uptrending last couple days. Testing 1900/1890 for 35. 1890/1880 for 30. 2510/2520 for 30. FILLED: VPUT at 1900/1890 for 35 cents, and VCALL 2510/2520 at 30 [Read More Now...]

My wish for you?

The song from Rascal Flats, basically says it all. And I play it, every week end I teach. I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slowAnd each road leads you where you want to goAnd if you’re faced with a choice, and you have to chooseI hope you choose the one that means the most to youAnd if one door opens to another door closedI hope you keep on walkin’ ’till you find the windowIf it’s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smileBut more than anything, more than anything My wish, for you, is that this [Read More Now...]

Hidden Language

When I was in my 20’s, working in Brampton, Ontario, for Rogers Cable TV. I went to a hypnosis show. And because of my Superior Mind, decide I was going to get “hypnotized”. Actually, I was going up on stage, to prove to myself, I could not be influenced that way. Well. When I found myself, stripping on stage, and throwing my shirt into the audience. But for some reason, could not get the zipper of my pants down. No matter what I tried. Only to realize later, that was a hypnotic command. Suddenly, I realized, I could (and [Read More Now...]

Colors have Hidden Meanings

You can have a great idea or distinction but damage the company, by picking the wrong colors, fonts, or image for your business. Your image has to match your message. So let’s look at colors and print considerations for specific messages.  Color Meaning/Emotion  Red Passion, excitement, rage, intensity and action  Orange Warm, jovial and energetic  Yellow Caution, cheerful, health, clean and inspiration  Green Cool, natural, refreshing, and peaceful.  Blue Cold, relaxing, and stable  Purple Dignified, [Read More Now...]

Day 45: Credit Spread Sept Expiration

This is for my Credit Spread (cash flow) students. Potential trading. The overal market: Over Market economy is generally good. Some scare about delta variant.SPX January Barometer, mostly sideways. Actually 50 points up. So this should be an up year. 200/50 up trending. Broke the 50 day moving average. 30/10 down trend.Chart. Sideways. BUT look at the M (double top) pattern, with maybe the kiss good bye? Support 2200, Resistance 2250. She is getting ready to break out one way or the other. Candlesticks. up patterns. penetrating. Look at the [Read More Now...]

Reminder From Jim Rohn

Re reading,5 major pieces of the life puzzle (jim john). Some notable concepts and ideas: Personal Philosophy. Develop your own personal philosophy. I wonder if this is why I developed the 11 commandments of a Jedi. 🙂 And now the Francis Foundational 17.  Learn. Learn from your experiences. Coaches (out side voices). Other peoples success. Observe. Listen. Take notes. Books. Journal.  Success. Simple disciplines practiced every day.  Attitude is key. Attitude about past, present and future. Design a better future. [Read More Now...]

Day 45. Credit Spread Trade

Monthly cash flow trade. First, a quick update on the RUT (Russell 2000). Some notes: World Economy is generally good. January Barometer was sideways. 200/50 Moving Average is up. 20/5 Moving average is down. Chart is a potential M pattern. Candlestick, downward piercing. Sideways action. Support about 2280 and Resistance 2350. Remember your Alerts. Testing. 1920/1910 and 2530/2540. Update 10:07am Positions: VPUT 1910/19020 for 30 cents, and VCALL 2530/2540 for 30 [Read More Now...]

Embedded Commands

Strategy: Buy…… Many people will use a few Embedded commands like Buy Now, Buy the Way, Buy Sunday, You make money when you BUY. First, realize that most folks will not catch this language pattern, but u can add some others to your presentation. Enjoy and steal a few J: ·    BUY this time tomorrow morning….. ·    Follow the process step BUY step….. ·    As I left the airplane, all I heard was BUY, BUY, BUY ·    Lets look at this deal, BUY the numbers. ·    [Read More Now...]

Leverage the Key to Wealth

Leverage is an important element to wealth, and even success. Taking limited resources and using them to capacity. Whether in business, real estate, the stock market or life, this is a philosophy and strategy you should master. Let me give you some real life examples, of how to apply this tool to various areas in building wealth. Strategy: Stock Market Leverage Options can be great leverage in the stock market. If you know, what you are doing. Otherwise they can just be a waste of money. Ensure you get a strong education on options, before [Read More Now...]

9 Best Offers of all time!

When writing powerful copy, in newsletters, direct email, brochures, ads, or any kind of marketing, it is important to keep in mind a compelling offer! Offers make copy and sales script work. Copy writers and direct marketers have known for years what offers work. You will see “similar” offers in all direct mail, newspaper ads, emails, because they work. If they work use them. Strategy: Use the top 9 offers on your site and in your email (think about using them in telemarketing, direct mail, brochures and display ads too)  OFFER #1: [Read More Now...]

Framing the Close

Some folks go straight into their close. Some get the audience ready with a series of Agreement Frames (one of my favs). Things like: We have done a day and half. How many of you are being to see the opportunity in property?How many of you see that doing a half dozen HMO could get you financially free in less than 2 years?How many know in their heart that property the solution. It can get them to financial freedom?How many are truly committed to make a change in their lives, both themselves and your family?If u are truly committed. Truly know [Read More Now...]

Order Blank Close

One of the most effective closes is simply to begin entering the order information. No questions, no “yes” or “no,” just a casual start of filling in the order. In fact, one of my speakers, always carries an order form on a clip board. He often as he is talking to someone, just hands them, the clipboard with the order form on it, and says. You will know the right thing to do. If some one walks to the back table, I usually say to them “ just start filling out the top of the agreement and then we can talk about which program in a few [Read More Now...]

Need a Second Income Stream? OR want a better ROI on your investments? Consider Learning to TRADE

The average rate of return, over a 100 years in the stock market is about 7% a year. Not terrible, but not GREAT. A few well chosen strategies (that are simple), can give you a much better result. Dogs of the DOW. A simple once a year balancing of your stock holdings. AND only 5 or 10 stocks. Dogs has done approximately 18% per years, since 1973. A GREAT strategy, for passive investing. Now if you want to do better, consider Covered calls and or Credit Spreads. they are a little more active, but not much. and can earn 18-30 percent (covered [Read More Now...]

5 D’s in Life

The 5 D’s in Life I have had some great mentors, whom have given me outstanding advice, guidance, business, financial and personal success. #Tony Robbins, #Brian Tracy, #Charles Givens, #Ken Blanchard. All have contributed to my life and prosperity. Many have a values, beliefs, and philosophies, that can make a difference in your life an achievement. Some where along the path I learned the Five D’s of Success in life. Thought I would share them. Dream. Most of us get “scripted” by school, parents, or society, to fall in to a mold. [Read More Now...]

Leverage Value Close

Leverage closing uses the power of a prospect’s values to sell them. First, you must know their values. Second, decide if you are going to make a positive statement or a negative statement. Positive to point out the benefit of your products or services. Negative, how not purchasing the product or service go against their values (they will lose out). Let’s say you pride yourself on being intelligent and making sound decisions. This might be a Club personality. Someone who needs to correct/right.  OR a spade (driver) personality, who [Read More Now...]

Ben Franklin Close

Sales tip: Ben Franklin Close Ben Franklin Close (Do this as part of the Education plan). Here is an example from my stock pitch.  Ok. Pull out a blank sheet of paper. Put a line down the center. On the left side write, things I want to learn about trading,. Now help them with the list of things they need to learn about trading. On it should be; Credit Spreads!Butterfly’sIron Condors.SoftwareGainOptionsMoney managementAsset protection.Seasonal trading.Cash flowbetter retirementGive to my kidsTravelLifestyle On the other side. Write [Read More Now...]

Language For Making a Decision

There are certain words, that influence at a core level. Words that sell. You can actual find words that surround certain concepts, like making a decisions. In fact advertisers know, that “framing” their ads, pitch, and closing is very important, so often they use 34 types of Framing: LOSS. Showing what they will lose more than gain. Jay Abraham taught me this years ago, when he told me you have to sell to the negative.GAIN. Demonstrating personal or professional gains by making the decision.STATISTICS. 9 out 10 people do this. 50% are [Read More Now...]

Work the Business, Not in it!

If you want to become an expert you should know that nothing is easy in this world. Whether you want to become an expert cook or a real estate agent you will have to work day in and day out to be the best. If you want to become an expert it will take 10,000 hours of study and work.  If you are planning to do it yourself you will be making the biggest mistake of your life. DIY is not only costly but also it might take you 30 to 40 years to become an expert in a specific field.  If you want to be an expert remember that it is not [Read More Now...]

Marketing thoughts with Jay Abraham

Spent an hour on the phone with my friend Jay Abraham talking some potential business together. Reminded me of the GREAT stuff he teaches about Marketing and Growing a Business. Lessons Like his Keys to success in Your Marketing Genius: -Test. -Forget Institutional marketing-Sell, don’t just entertain. -Evaluate performance. -Offer more than competition. -Past direct mail, gives us a hint.-Test headlines.-People respond the same way for 100 years.-Be specific no general.-Tell a story.-Make it [Read More Now...]

Assumptive Style

Strategy: Develop an assumptive style Every question, comment, explanation, body movement and statement has a closing intent. It is almost an unconscious capacity; a deep inner knowledge that every action must bring you closer to the consummation of the sale. In isolating their skills and techniques, there are five major areas on which closers concentrate, either consciously or unconsciously. They are: AssumptionValue CreationObjection ReductionApplied PressureSequential Action Strategy Develop an assumptive style and language. From initial [Read More Now...]

Treat Yourself Close and Think it Over

Strategy: Use the “treat yourself” close if they are on the fence. Earlier, you read about the contrast close by the suit salesperson. When it came time to decide how many suits, if any, he used this close: If you are like most people, you look after everybody else’s needs first, before your own. I’ll bet you haven’t treated yourself to something you’ve wanted for a long time. Why don’t you be good to yourself today and buy one? After all, you deserve it! Strategy: Confront client for a decision to move forward. The moment of [Read More Now...]

Flat Balls Don’t Bounce

Millionaires are by no means exempt from failures. They have losses, make mistakes in judgment, and screw it up occasionally. They keep a positive attitude, no matter what. They tell themselves, “I will get them next time. I just have to work a little harder or smarter to get a better result.” They know that all they need is a better plan. A new strategy. A better mentor. They also, know a flat ball doesn’t bounce so they keep it pumped up. Maintaining their motivation, even if the score is against them. That is where strategy, [Read More Now...]

How do you Spend or Invest time?

I know. sounds kind of weird, but I have noticed, about myself and others, they either look at time a Cost, or a Benefit. They spend time or invest time. They either waste, or make time productive. A waste of time might be considered: Watching TV. Just cause you are bored. Cleaning the house. Doing laundry. Lawn care. Waiting some place (room, line, car). Lying on the couch. Now, I am not saying leave your house in shambles. Never clean or repair thing. But I am saying, be selective about your time. Your personal time is worth $ 500-1000 an [Read More Now...]

The Power of YES

Listening to my friend Marshall Sylver, do a webinar, and heard “No one gets more by saying no, they get more buy saying yes”. So, what is he doing, well I have not talked to him, but I would suggest, he is creating a reward, buy saying YES, and reinforcing (Yes I deliberately but the word buy, instead of by in that sentence). Influence can happen at a subconscious level.   So how do you do use type of pattern. First, create a reward (or series of stacked rewards) associated with the word yes. Second, create pain with the word no [Read More Now...]

Renting out ASSETS!

We work hard to buy assets. Things like houses, cars, and equipment. What a lot of folks do not know, is that you can often rent these physical asset out for money. Houses. You can rent them out completely or partly. Certainly, you can buy houses and rent them out for cash flow. But there are other alternatives. Rent out while you are gone. Air B and B. Rent out the Garage to other folks for their storage goods. Like a Self Storage facility. Rent out a Room occasionally. Strangely enough you can actually get paid to HOUSE sit for others. All [Read More Now...]

Staying in Peak State

I use to manage salespeople. Telemarketers, Direct door to door, and B2B sales folks. I would notice, when we first brought on new folks, they often did fantastic, but over weeks and months, their performance would drop off. Some of them if we could not correct the problem, we would have to terminate them. It perplexed me. Because often one or two of the new folks would be on the leader board for a month or two, then fall off. After working with these folks, and some times having to do exist interviews. I undercover a regular pattern. It [Read More Now...]

Body Language

Remember, body actions and gestures are not an exact science, but they offer helpful hints. When you think about evaluating people, you must take into account not just the body, but the voice and eyes (the window to the soul). Certainly analyzing your customer will help you, but more importantly consider your own body language. Does your voice break in the middle of your pitch? Do you look nervous when you talk about price? Find below common body language patterns and their interpretation:  Steeple hands (fingertips touching to make a [Read More Now...]

How Brand a Company.

How to Brand a company. Some ideas for YOU! And ME!Recently, I have been considering doing another Seminar Company. Therefore, thinking about: o Mission of the company. o Domain names. o Company name. o Direct and indirect messages. o USP. Unique Selling Principle. o Distinction. o Legal protection. o Potential logo (images). o Position in the market. That’s a lot for a company name, logo and domain name to convey. So. Going over my notes, cheat sheets, and name game, to come up with the perfect name. OK. Maybe version one names. Things do [Read More Now...]
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